• Launching the Mobile Photo Network with Misho Baranovic

    I'm really excited to launch the Mobile Photo Network (MPN) with Misho Baranovic.

    MPN gives both Misho and myself a new way to explore mobile photography, and I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with others.

    Why is mobile photography important? It’s important because millions of people around the world are discovering photography through their mobile phone camera. This shift in photography is intrinsically tied to a global shift to mobile communication. The technology is new, as are the social networks and apps. MPN wants to explore what all this means for visual communication going forward.

    I believe that mobile photography is a incredibly personal journey, shared by millions of people around the world.

    MPN is not just about showcasing pictures because they're taken on mobile devices. Instead, we’re looking for photographs that harness the opportunities provided by mobile connectivity, photographs with a clear sense of vision and purpose.

    I would like to share my purpose for founding MPN:

    • MPN is not a photography group or collective, it’s open to all.
    • MPN will feature mobile photographers whose work we believe has a sense of purpose and
      vision. We hope that the work MPN Features will be a source of inspiration for other mobile
    • MPN is a platform for people to explore and discover quality mobile photography from around the world.
    • MPN will explore how mobile photography is changing the purpose of photography around the globe.

    Please contact us at MPN if you would like to contribute. We're always looking for images, ideas and insights into the world of mobile photography!